Patricia Tomasiewicz


Managing Director, Head of ACN Interactive RUN Services, Life Sciences & Health Lead, Accenture Interactive

"Finn is an exceptionally talented digital marketing specialist. He worked for me both in project delivery and on client proposals and I was always impressed by the quality of his work. Finn brings a rare combination of creativity, diligence and marketing skill which makes him a great asset to any team. It was always a pleasure working with him and seeing his passion in action. I wish him much success!"

Harry Hurst


Experience Optimisation & Analytics Lead, Accenture Interactive

"I had heard Finn's reputation before I had the opportunity to work directly with him so when a role came up with a global CPG, I didn't hesitate to bring him into the team. I was blown away. Finn operated at a level far beyond my expectations and was a critical member of our combined consulting and client team. Finn has the incredible ability to drive an entire project forward by translating topics, ideas and direction into a tangible story which can be understood by business and technical alike. And he does so at the rate of knots, challenging and questioning where necessary to create the clarity and action that everyone around him needs to do their jobs. On top of this, he's great to be around - positive and articulate. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Finn again one day."

Peru Fourie


Owned-Channel Marketing & CRM Lead, Accenture Interactive

"Finn is one of the most exceptional talents I have come across in my career. His combination of being a strong creative thinker/problem solver and an analytic, makes him unique in solving challenges for organisation that deliver tangible results. I've had the privilege to work directly with Finn for the past two years where he sat in the Owned-channel Marketing & CRM capability practise at Accenture Interactive, lead by myself for the UK&I. Finn is a formidable marketer with deep expertise in marketing capability development that set organisations up for success, with a detailed understanding of the key stages of the marketing lifecycle, the key activities undertaken at these and the key enablers required to unlock value (marketing efficiency and effectiveness). His strong MarTech technology background makes Finn stand out enabling him to combine marketing capability development with the ability to illustrate how to unlock value through technology solutions. Finn's commercial acumen is second to none and his attention to detail is unprecedented. He punches far above his peers with an ability to turn complex business challenges into robust solutions for clients. I've had the joy of watching Finn produce some of the best proposals I have seen come out of the firm time and again. From creative solutions, developing loyalty and CRM programmes, customer lifecycle management, marketing operating model design, customer data management to marketing strategy, Finn delivers by exceeding expectations every time. Finn's work ethic (by no stretch of the imagination) is admirable. The easiest recommendation I have ever given for exceptional work delivered by a truly exceptional individual. A huge asset to any team, project, workshop and a true people leader making Finn, one of a kind."

Mary Firth


Head of Content & Marketing Services, Accenture Interactive

"I had the pleasure of working with Finn on a number of projects at Accenture Interactive. I was genuinely blown away with the quality of his work and his ability to grasp complex ideas quickly. He is a great talent and it's a great loss to Accenture now that he's left."

Michael Twerefoo


Digital Marketing Consultant, Accenture Interactive

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Finn for almost an entire year. In that year I was constantly impressed by his professionalism and commitment to excellence. The quality of his character is underpinned by a thoughtfulness, attention to detail and an exceptional work ethic. Finn has an incredibly curious mind and an uncanny ability to take complex principles and translate them into easy to understand concepts. His attention to detail and his commitment to excellence made him an invaluable colleague and exceptional consultant. In the year we worked together, Finn demonstrated a strong ability to listen, learn and grow. This is evidenced in the fact that by the end of that year Finn had elevated himself to operating levels above the expectation for his role. I wish him luck in his future exploits and I hope to have the pleasure to work with him in future."

Mamta Singh


Marketing Advisory Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive

"Finn’s an exceptional colleague and a valued team member, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him at Accenture Interactive. He’s got a strong Digital Marketing skillset grounded in Marketing Capability building, MarTech stacks, CRM and OpModel transformation delivery through his work on a variety of Tech and CPG clients. Finn brings a unique blend of creative and analytical thinking to every brief, and has the ability to work across the entire marketing lifecycle to unlock growth and release value. With his passion for all things Marketing, curiosity to constantly stay in the new and impeccable work ethic, Finn would be a huge asset to any organisation looking to deliver Marketing led growth through exceptional talent."

Yousuf Hussain


Digital Marketing Consultant, Accenture Interactive

"Finn has shown initiative in creating opportunities for the business and strengthening the identity of the practice that we've both worked in. Finn added value to every project that we've worked on together. He has a creative flare and a strategic mindset. I've thoroughly enjoyed working side by side with Finn. I trust that he will go on to become a expert in his field."

Hannah Goulding


Digital Marketing Consultant, Accenture Interactive

"Finn supported me on a project for a major British telecom, defining a data strategy for their Prospect customers. I was amazed at how quickly he grasped the client’s very complex data and organisational landscape, and soon advanced from a support role into leading the development of use cases as well as designing a future governance model – all workstreams that should have been far beyond an Analyst’s remit. Aside from ability, Finn’s composed and thoughtful work style means he is an absolute pleasure to work with and I know other colleagues at Accenture feel the same. I hope I get to work with Finn again in the future."